Featured Consultant (Dr. Tzaneva, PhD)

Dr. Tzaneva (or Villie) has over 20 peer-reviewed publications and has 10+ years of experience in writing and reviewing manuscripts for scientific journals. Dr. Tzaneva is excellent in understanding and use of scientific and medical language. Graduated from the doctoral program at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Tzaneva specializes in animal physiology, enzymes and proteins, metabolism (living organisms), stem cell morphology and physiology. Dr. Tzaneva has won many prestigious awards such as Yusuke Kumai Memorial Doctoral Thesis Prize, Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

Featured Consultant (Dr. Wu, MD)

Dr. Wu has over 10 years experience in the biomedical sciences and he has a number of publications internationally. Dr. Wu has joint BioProEdit since 2017 as a Consultant and Dr. Wu specializes in clinical research, family medicine, and medical device. In the past years, Dr. Wu has helped many projects that resulted in fruitful publications in prestigious journals such as Journal of Stroke, Journal of Medical Research, and Nature Medicine. Graduated from the University of Ottawa with Honors in Bachelor of Science, Dr. Wu received his Medical Doctor degree from one of the best Universities and hospitals in Canada (University of Toronto). In addition, Dr. Wu was the recipient of the Best Consultant in 2017 and 2018. Dr. Wu is fluent in both Mandarin and Canadian and currently lives in Vancouver, BC.

Chief Editor (Dr. Eisa-Beygi, PhD)

Dr. Eisa-Beygi is Chief Editor at BioProEdit. As a founding member of BioProEdit, Dr. Eisa-Beygi has been successfully helping over 100 clients with manuscript editing and revision. His dedication and attention to detail has resulted in many successful stories and he was awarded as Star Editor in both 2017 and 2018. Dr. Eisa-Beygi obtained his PhD from the University of Ottawa and was a Professor at Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology. He was a fellow researcher at the University of Toronto and a Kelleigh Gustafson Research Fellow the Medical College of Wisconsin and has over 15+ high quality publications.

Chief Medical Officer (Dr. Xu, MD)

Dr. Xu is an expert in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Neurology, and has helped over 10,000 patients.

Dr. Tim Xu is Chief Medical Officer at BioProEdit. As a bilingual Canadian Medical Doctor (MD) who graduated from McMaster University, Dr. Xu is experienced in medical knowledge as well as research experience since Dr. Xu is equipped with many years of academic research experience from the University of Ottawa and Queens University. In addition, Dr. Xu was also an active researcher at Pfizer Canada for both pre-clinical and clinical drug research and development. Dr. Xu is an expert in Neurology, and has helped over 10,000 patients in the past years. Dr. Xu has publications in prestigious journals such as Development and numerous manuscripts and invented/co-invented patents in the Biomedical Sciences.

Chief Science Officer (Dr. Chikh, PhD)

Dr. Chikh is Chief Science Officer at BioProEdit. Dr. Chikh has over 21 years experience in immunotherapy-based drug development. She acquired her experience in both academic and biopharmaceuticals/biotechnology settings. She served as a Senior Director of pre-clinical research at Engene Inc., managing development of a non-viral gene therapy for localized expression of immunomodulatory proteins to mucosal tissues for inflammatory diseases and cancer treatments.  Prior to Engene, Dr. Chikh was working as a senior member of the R&D team for Pfizer developing vaccines against infections, allergies, addictions and cancers. Several vaccine projects she was involved in have undergone clinical trials and are currently still ongoing. In addition to leading PoC and IND packages, Dr. Chikh was managing Biomarkers and Clinical Assays development.