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BioProEdit is a professional biomedical editing company that revises and translates manuscripts for scientists with language barriers.

BioProEdit consists of world-class researchers and editors from Top Universities (e.g. Stanford) and pharmaceutical companies (e.g. Pfizer). Each member has 10+ publications or 5+ years of experience as a reviewer.

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At BioProEdit, we offer professional editing and translation services by highly qualified editors and scientists, who have undergone rigorous selection.  Our services include a broad range of disciplines in the Life Sciences, e.g., Clinical Research, Plant Biology, and Molecular Genetics.

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For first-time clients, we are now offering a free trial!

Free of charge for up to 500 words of revision (or 250 words of translation) for your document.

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BioProEdit is located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. Our customer services team is ready to help you and will reply to your request as soon as possible.

For questions, please fill out the form below or send us an email at info@bioproedit.com.


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