Chief Science Officer (Dr. Chikh, PhD)

Dr. Chikh is Chief Science Officer at BioProEdit. Dr. Chikh has over 21 years experience in immunotherapy-based drug development. She acquired her experience in both academic and biopharmaceuticals/biotechnology settings. She served as a Senior Director of pre-clinical research at Engene Inc., managing development of a non-viral gene therapy for localized expression of immunomodulatory proteins to mucosal tissues for inflammatory diseases and cancer treatments.  Prior to Engene, Dr. Chikh was working as a senior member of the R&D team for Pfizer developing vaccines against infections, allergies, addictions and cancers. Several vaccine projects she was involved in have undergone clinical trials and are currently still ongoing. In addition to leading PoC and IND packages, Dr. Chikh was managing Biomarkers and Clinical Assays development.