Who We Are

Our Team, Partners, and Experts

Our scientists and editors are strictly selected by the following criteria

  1. Publish 10+ papers in English Journals
  2. 5+ years experience as Journal reviewers
  3. Our translators are Chinese Canadian or American scientists who completed undergraduate and graduate studies in the North America, and have 5+ years experience as a translator

Our partners and advisers come from a variety of organizations, including 

  1. OneHub
  2. Toronto Business Development Center
  3. Enterprise Toronto
  4. CanProEdit
  5. MedChem Express-Chengdu
  6. U+ English
  7. VentureLab-IBM
  8. Stratenym
  9. LessLess
  10. Corner Stone & Parners LLP

and many more

Our History

In 2016, an Oncology scientist, a Microbiology scientist, and a human resource consultant co-founded BioProEdit in Toronto, Canada, to translate the business idea into a service, i.e. translating non-English research/review manuscripts into scientific English that meets publication standards, making corrections for English grammar, revising for consistent and fluent use of scientific terms, ensuring that the final revisions are clear and concise.

In the initial stages of the company, BioProEdit’s scientists focused their efforts on locating the best performance and reliable editors. After the company’s editors team was built, they started to expand the market from Canada to China, Japan, Korean, and Iran. BioProEdit’s services include but not limited to, technology manual translation, manuscript revision, grant application, patent translation and revision, cover letters to editors/reviewers.

BioProEdit is growing rapidly, and always looking for talents all over the world to be part of the fantastic team. If you want to be part of the team, please email your resume and CV to info@bioproedit.com