What We Offer

At BioProEdit, we offer professional and excellent services by our qualified editors and scientists, who have undergone rigorous selection.  Our services include a broad range of disciplines in the Life Sciences, for example, Pharmacology, Plant Biology, Molecular Genetics, Clinical Research. Our Services are outlined below.

We offer English-Chinese-French Revision/Translation for:

  • Manuscripts
  • Resumes/Cover Letters
  • Reference Letters
  • Interview Statements
  • Books
  • Manuals
  • and more


  1. Manuscript revision in ~48 hours upon receiving payment
  2. Manuscript translation in ~96 hours upon receiving payment
  3. Journal formatting in ~24 hours
  4. Figures, Table and Reference formatting in ~48 hours
  5. Preparation/editing for Cover letters, reference letters, resumes, newsletters, etc. in ~96 hours
  6. Other inquiry, please CONTACT US


We offer a simple and easy way to calculate fees. Our fees are mainly based on the words calculated by Microsoft Word. A quote, invoice and receipt will be provided for clients.

To calculate the word count, BioProEdit will perform a word count on the samples using the Word Count feature in Microsoft Word. We suggest clients take out Reference section when it comes to word count.

We are committed to transforming your research into a publication and our experts will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.


How it Works

Step 1. Sign Confidentiality agreement between clients and BioProEdit for privacy protection.

Step 2. Clients send documents (e.g. manuscripts) to BioProEdit designated account (CONTACT US for more information), BioProEdit confirms about receiving.

Step 3. BioProEdit evaluates documents and generates quotes and assessment and send to clients for review.

Step 4. Invoice payment to BioProEdit.

Step 5. Upon receiving payment, BioProEdit’s editor team starts processing documents and complete the work in a timely manner.

Step 6. BioProEdit sends back revised documents to clients via secure email account.

Step 7. One of BioProEdit’s Leadership Team members will follow up with clients to ensure satisfaction and discuss with potential questions and future collaboration.

Thank you for your trust and business